The Power of Going Locally


There’s a lot to be said about using a local realtor, especially when you’re moving into a new area. Sure you can easily use one of the big national companies, but what will really help you get the lay of the land in a new place is someone who has the local inside track.

What has really made the difference as it does with so much these days, is the internet. In the past, if you needed help with nantucket real estate you would have had very little choice other than to get one of the big boys, who, in turn, would connect with their local office, maybe. Alternatively, some commission hungry bunny would try and do the job for you from as far away as you are.

With the internet, you can check out who the local guys are and the types of property or rentals they have on their site. You can see immediately what their values are and their approach to the market. Once you have found someone who appeals to you online you can get in touch with the local realtor so you don’t waste hours looking at properties you would never have considered in the first place.

No one knows what happens in the local market like a local – duh! But if you need to know which school to send your children to not for this school but the all-important senior years, talking to someone whose own kids go there is going to help you get a sense of where you want to set down roots.

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Moving to a new area throws up all sorts of different problems and issues – remember you might not be able to cross state lines without a vet’s certificate for the dog! Get the best advice by going local

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