If Only You Could Leave The Internet Behind Too


It is hard to imagine living without technology. Even the most luddite of us all has some little techno-thing they do. We are all connected and for lots of us it is all the time. When we want to get away from it all, it can be hard. One of the ways to do it – is to go somewhere the modern world takes a back place to the things that have gone on forever.

The sea birds at Bald Head Island, North Carolina have been doing their thing there since before Columbus sailed the ocean blue and they will carry on long after we are around. But they will probably be the second thing you notice when you take a north carolina beachfront rentals.

The first thing is the lack of cars, and it is a complete blessing. It isn’t that the place is silent. With all the wildlife around it will never be silent. It is that the noise is a different one. A more natural sound. The sound of the wind and the waves, the birds in the air and of life being lived at a different pace.

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You will instantly feel a different vibe. You will be able to hear yourself think and if you take a walk on one of the many trails you might get to a place where you haven’t seen another person for hours.

The other thing you will notice is you feel kind of small after a while. The island is not the furthest point east, even of the Carolinas, but it is right out there. On that stretch of coast, it is at the end. There’s nothing big the Atlantic, and a big sky. Before long you get back your sense of perspective – like a grain of sand.

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